Jazz on Wheels is a non-profit mobile concert series founded in 2002 by Pat Cronley to fill part of the void left by diminishing cultural and arts opportunities in Flint schools. Over those 17 years we have branched out to serve community events such as water distribution sites, resource centers, health expos, civic pride marches, Faith Formation events and the like. JOW provides a soundtrack for these events, making a good thing even better. We operate on a donation basis, no charge for appropriate community oriented events, and will continue to do so as long as the truck keeps rolling !

Mission statement: "Dedicated to promoting cultural awareness among urban youth with JAZZ, an original American art form, through a musical message of imagination, participation and improvisation."

Jazz on Wheels would like to thank the Greater Flint Arts Council, the Allan and Barbara Walters Educational Fund,

The Mary Elizabeth Adams Manley Beautification Fund, the Community Foundation of Greater Flint and Landaal Packaging for their generous support. Our theme this season is "Flint's Young Jazz Voices". JOW will be mentoring young vocalists from the Flint area to become jazz stylists. The young crooners will perform at our shows throughout the year and then head to the recording studio to create "Flint's Young Jazz Voices 2019", a recording which will be available in October 2019. Please join us at a show or two as we embark on this exciting venture !


Upcoming Shows / Local Dates
  • 27 March 6-9PM Cool City Art Auction
  • 30 April 7-10PM International Jazz Day
  • 08 May 6-8PM Flint Artwalk
  • 10 July 6-8PM Flint Artwalk
  • 11 July 12-2PM African American Festival
  • 19 August 10AM Crouse Instructional Center
  • 22 August 8AM Crim Road Race
  • 11 September 6-8PM Flint Artwalk
  • 26 September 12-2PM Touch a Truck Event
  • 16 December 6-8PM Heroes for Kids

Check back often - new events are constantly being added.




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